Client Services

Depending on whether you want to sell or license your invention, or start a new business around your invention, ACRE AgTech will work one-on-one with you to make it happen.  ACRE AgTech can even help existing businesses that produce ag-related tools, machines, equipment, or software maximize their profits.

A summary of our client services is as follows:

  • Develop markets and distribution channels for products

  • Develop business plans and financial pro forma documents

  • Develop supplier sustainability plans

  • Assemble management teams

  • Validate business concepts

  • Help obtain business financing

  • Secure intellectual property and trademarks

  • Identify and secure necessary facilities (e.g., loading docks, office space)

  • Provide assistance with logistics, procurement, and exporting

  • Connect agri-business experts to assist with beta-testing and product verification

  • Provide formal and informal networking opportunities for Entities

  • Streamline the regulatory permitting process

  • Any other services that may assist to advance the Entity's business interests