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Acre AgTech is working to discover technologies and innovations to improve your operations.  Your input and feedback is imperative.  Take a moment to share the types of innovations you are most interested in seeing.
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ACRE helps startups focus on the details enabling your business to be successful.  Our staff and mentors will work with you to strengthen your overall potential.

Your work ethic, commitment and passion are critical elements to undertake this journey.

If you have what it takes, have a technology or innovation that can solve a stated need, or improve anything in the agriculture sector, start your application process.

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ACRE networks with businesses and farms that have identified innovation needs.  Those needs will be defined as part of our call for applications. 

Can your innovation perform the defined tasks?  If so, we want to hear from you.

Our goal is to have ready customers for those in our program when possible.  We understand landing that first customer can be challenging, that is why ACRE is taking a different approach

ACRE is situated near the shores of West Michigan, a cradle of innovation and inspiration.

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