We want to hear from agricultural producers and processors.

ACRE AgTech is designed to help you.  We want to scout technologies and innovations you are seeking.
Please send us a note so we can serve your needs and interests.
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ACRE is seeking innovators that enhance agricultural activities. 
Your innovation may impact food, energy, textiles, solid materials, pharmaceuticals, or protect the environment.

Innovators Wanted!

The 2019 Cohort is full, however,

ACRE is always interested in learning about new technologies.

Please contact us at anytime to explore how ACRE can help your startup advance. Any time!

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The Challenge: 

Do you have a discovery impacting plants, livestock, soil amendments, harvesting ...  you name it. 

If your innovative business connects with something that starts on a farm or can improve agricultural operations, enhance food security or traceability, improve handling and processing, please submit your application.

Big Data, robotics and new uses for agricultural commodities are just a few of the innovations ACRE and the Michigan Agricultural community are seeking.  Let's start the conversation today to explore how ACRE can help your business.
This call to action is to serve agricultural innovation as broadly as possible in Michigan.  We look forward to learning about your discoveries.

Corporate Innovators wanted!

Our economy needs businesses of all sizes to grow.  ACRE wants to partner with corporations who would like us to scout technologies to fit innovative needs and wants.  The ACRE Accelerator is an extremely efficient resource. 
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