The Idea

In 2010, the Ottawa County (Michigan) Board of Commissioners directed the creation of a program to increase job creation in the County.   In order to accomplish this directive, the idea of creating an agricultural technology business incubator was planted.

The Research

A Feasibility Study was conducted with a grant from the USDA to complete a Market Assessment.

The Pilot

A “Pilot Incubator Project” was launched with 3 ag-tech entrepreneurs. 

The Grand Opening

In December 2014, the Great Lakes Ag-Tech Business Incubator, now known as ACRE AgTech, officially opened its doors. ACRE AgTech’s low investment, low risk, performance driven model is one that resonated with funders, clients, partners, and its Board of Directors.

ACRE Grows

During 2018 we recognized ACRE could have a greater impact for Michigan Agriculture and entrepreneurial development.  Since the organization was first conceived business Accelerators have become a strong model to scout innovation.  After much research and exploration, ACRE joined GAN and set sites on launching our first cohort.

The experiences from the first few years and the passion that exists among our staff, mentors, and board provide the ideal backdrop to deliver the results needed for Michigan to maintain the level of achievement demonstrated by farmers, food processors, manufacturers and engineers in Michigan for decades.