We focus our services on ag-tech equipment, tools, machinery, software, or other specialty ag-tech related products.



We provide our clients customized, one-on-one services to propel them through business hurdles.



We connect our clients with local farmers and agri-business experts who will confidentially assess technology ideas, provide recommendations to improve new products, and field test prototypes.



We have established partnerships and relationships with a variety of private-sector companies to provide clients with a wide-range of services, often at discounted or flat-rate services, and in some circumstances, free services.

"ACRE AgTech has been extremely valuable in setting up the foundational building blocks of my business, Synergy Power LLC.  They have provided invaluable industry contacts, countless hours of support, and have become a tremendous asset to my team.  I encourage anyone with an Ag-Tech idea to not hesitate to give them a call."

Emil Ureel, President, Synergy Power LLC

In The News

AgTech Grows in Michigan

March 28, 2017

Michigan is more famous for its car industry, great lake, and big 10 universities than it is for agriculture. But about 180 miles west of Detroit is West Olive, a township located in Ottawa County founded by Dutch immigrants. With a population just shy of 5,000, West Olive is non-descript and sleepy, but it is also the base for one of the few agtech incubators in the U.S. Could Michigan be the next Silicon Valley?.... Read More